colour consulting

"Colour is a basic human need, 
like water and fire”

Fernand Léger

Colour surrounds us daily - it affects our physical, emotional and mental state, often without us being aware of the reason for our feelings. Colour schemes can be uplifting, calming, dramatic, balancing or have negative effects causing anxiety and even depression.

rhythm & hues qualified colour consultants have a talented, instinctive "eye for colour", combined with the theoretical training, knowledge and understanding of the psychology of colour required to develop appropriate colour schemes tailored to our clients’ individual needs and style.

From subtle and sophisticated to bold and striking, our personalised colour schemes can transform your project and enhance your lifestyle.

The end result is a unique colour scheme, which reflects the desired mood, theme and style. We would be happy to discuss any aspect of our services with you which include interior and exterior colour schemes with comprehensive colour specifications and samples.

design & decorating

rhythm & hues offer our clients a complete design and decorating service for residential and commercial projects from concept through to completion.

Through the skilled use of colour, texture, fabric, furnishings and interior design, we provide individual, functional and creative design solutions that are defined by your needs, desires, budget and schedules.

We will save you valuable time and avoid costly mistakes ensuring your project is all you dreamt it would be and more.

Whether you are refurbishing, renovating or building we can assist you with a range of colour, design and decorating services that will enhance your environment, your lifestyle and increase the value of your investment.

Our services include customised design and decorating advice for all interior and exterior spaces including project management, kitchen and bathroom design, office design, furniture for your every need, soft furnishings and window treatments (curtains, blinds, shutters and awnings), lighting, artwork and accessories.